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Auctions vs Classifieds

  • 3 years ago
  • Source: geniusocean.com
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Are Auctions better than classifieds?
Understanding the difference between the two options and knowing the benefits and disadvantages towards both approaches can be helpful in deciding which method is better for you.
People shop according to the information contained in an ad, rather than from what type of ad it is
At online auctions (like eBay or AuctionMart), buyers bid and win items or, in some cases, can choose to purchase at the “buy it now” price. Online classifieds (like craigslist or bidmart) function the same way as the classifieds in the local paper. Online auctions and classifieds are great ways to get inexpensive, used or rare items, but both have limited selections.
Either way online classifieds and auctions require a lot of browsing time and need to be checked often for new listings. For greater ease and peace of mind, sign up for e-mail updates that let you know about new items or that tell you if you’re losing an auction. Or download widgets that will keep you posted on an auction status.
But lets not forget that shipping details are a constant issue. Whether thru classifieds or auctions, its always best to pick up items in person rather than having them shipped to you whereby its always a surprise of what you are getting and its condition.
So which is better. Well, each person has their own preference. Some prefer the excitement of bidding to win their items where others just want to buy it and move on.