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About Us

Who is AuctionMart

AuctionMart  is a simple auction platform of Bidmart Classifieds. O/o by Bidmart Canada. It has been designed with 2 main features as its core, "Simplicity & Exposure."  AuctionMart is not intended as a standalone website but implemented as a platform to increase its internet exposure for maximum results.

What is AuctionMart

Although some might say that AuctionMart is just another auction site, that would be an insult to its name. As the title states; it is a platform for auctioning items OR, selling them thru a marketplace presentation. Some would say its like Ebay or others would say like Quibids or Etsy. And truthfully you could use all these comparisons "with a twist."  None of these sites promote their listings outside of their website whereas AuctionMart does exactly that. Since it is a child of Bidmart Classifieds, it's listings are shared with all of Bidmarts links and posted beyond the site. So, what is AuctionMart? It is the easiest auction platform that you might ever find that will allow you to sell your items thru a "buy it now or auction" or both, with the maximum amount of exposure which doesn't empty your bank account.

Where is AuctionMart

EVERYWHERE.  Although AuctionMart is a Canadian born platform, it has limited restrictions to its audience. Buyers and Sellers are welcome from all over the world however, it restricts various ip's which are blacklisted as scammers.

How does AuctionMart Work

This is perhaps the easiest auction platform you might ever use. We built it specifically for that purpose. As we visited various other auction sites, we found the process of creating campaigns (Ads), totally frustrating. Before the process was completed, it was inviting to just give up. We concluded, we can do better.!  So, our system is simple. First- register an account. 2nd- Create a campaign in the dashboard area. 3rd- choose the options of "buy it now" price, the reserve price and the other options you would like. And finally, publish your campaign. Keep in mind, you need to complete your registration completely in order for buyers to contact you and pay you. In order for Sellers to "Make money" rather than pay out their profits to an auction site, we do things differently. There are No auction fees or close-outs. Sellers deal directly with the buyers and vise versa.